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Living Room

The Residence has two living rooms for the residents to socialize. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and are furnished with couches, tables and foosball table. Apart from that there are also TV’s with cable channels, a DVD player, society games and a vending machine with drinks and snacks.


Each lodging has a computer plug that the Resident can use to access a fast Internet connection. This service is included in the monthly rent, but music and video downloads are not allowed.

Self-service Laundry

The self-service laundry is equipped with semi-industrial washing and drying machines. There are also irons and ironing tables available.

24h Survailance

  • On the vigilance desk, there is a telephone, the video vigilance system and the fire detection centrals.

Study Room

The study room, with good natural light, has wireless Internet, air-conditioning and is furnished with couches, bookcases, tables and chairs.

Telephone, Water, Gas and Electricity

The telephone charges are not included in the monthly payment and must be paid monthly according to the actual consumption of the rates in force in the residence. Consumption of water, gas are included. The electricity is included in the monthly payment up to a limit of 25kw / month, respectively, and the surplus must be paid monthly according to the actual consumption of the tariffs in force in the residence.

Cleaning Service

A team cleans common spaces daily (except on Sunday) and rooms on a weekly basis, including change of bed clothes and towels.


A vigilance team ensures the door service and vigilance 24 hours a day.


A shared bathroom exists in each floor, equipped with showers, toilets and wash-basins, suitable for the number of residents. The Residence furnishes toilet paper and liquid soap.


There is in each floor, a shared kitchen, equipped with an electric stove, ventilator, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, plates, glasses and cutlery, pans and pots and kitchenware.

Fire Detection

There is an automatic fire detection system (SADI). The Residence also has signs and means to fight fires, namely chemical powder and CO2 fire extinguishers.


A Director manages the Residence ensuring daily welcome, integration and following of the residents. It is also her duty to coordinate the workers, service renders and residence suppliers.